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Whale Tail

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This photo of a sperm whale turning "flukes up" for a dive was taken near Kaikoura, New Zealand—one site of the shore whaling industry mentioned in chapter 81 of Moby-Dick. In the 19th century, the crews of boats launched from shore would hunt whales that wandered into this cove. Today, New Zealand honors the worldwide ban on whaling.

In the full-size image, you can see what seems to be a small duck floating in the water nearby. This bird is actually an albatross, one of the world's largest flying birds.

The photographer, Toby Roberts, lives in Bournemouth, U.K. See more of his work at www.tgrphoto.co.uk.

Photo copyright 2005 by Toby Roberts. All rights reserved. This download is offered with the permission of the photographer for the specified use only.