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Cultural Fallout: Dec 15, 2008 – Feb 15, 2009

<<   Moby-Dick is one of Barack Obama's favorite books.

<<   The 2009 Melvillapalooza festival in NYC featured Ishmael and Ahab Mon Amour by Michael Bettencourt, The First Lowering by Laura Livingston, and other works inspired by Moby-Dick.

<<   Here's a Moby Dick made of Lego. And here's the crew of the Pequod.

One L.A. participant in Global No Pants Day 2009 read Moby-Dick during his pantsless commute because it was "fitting for the day."

Center for Biological Diversity: "Governor Palin must be suffering from an Ahab complex."

<<   Guest spot as an irritating houseguest on The Family Guy

<<   Artist Sharon L. Butler's search for businesses named "Moby Dick"

<<   Artist Justin Quinn transcribes chapters and passages of Moby-Dick into prints, collages, and drawings, changing every letter to the letter "E." (Left: The Line, Chapter 60.) More here.

<<   A color palette for designers based on the book

Muhammad Ali's biographer, of Ali and Joe Frazier at the "Thrilla in Manila" fight of 1975: "Each one is Ahab and the other is the Black Whale."

<<   RoggeriJoffe toy company's wooden whirligig

<<   German "nautical funeral doom" band Ahab

<<   If Moby-Dick were a pulp novel

<<   Claassen & Partner's Moby-and-Pequod bathtub tattoo

George Smith's samba version of Led Zep's "Moby Dick"

Moby Dick House of Kabob

<<   An annual Moby-Dick reading marathon at the New Bedford Whaling Museum

<<   Hollywood concept artist Paul Lasaine's images from a shelved DreamWorks film that would have told the story from the whale's point of view.

<<   Caleb Crain made a word cloud of the book that you can print out or buy on a T-shirt.

<<   Tom and Jerry aboard the "Komquot" in the 1962 cartoon "Dicky Moe"

<<   Scenes from experimental theater troupe Radiohole's Moby-Dick-inspired play, Fluke

<<   Mexican political magazine El Chamuco's caricature of treasury secretary Agustín Carstens. (Via Trianero2.)

John Walter, director of Theater of War, says that with an unlimited budget, he "would probably make Moby-Dick with real whales."

Lisa: Dad, you can't take revenge on an animal. That's the whole point of Moby-Dick!
Homer: Lisa, the point of Moby-Dick is, be yourself.
(From The Simpsons, "The Fat and the Furriest")

<<   Georgia heavy-metal band Mastodon's 2004 concept album Leviathan (Via The Melvillain Blog)

<<   Mixed-media artist Keith Perkins's white whale harpooned by a paintbrush

David Sedaris on reading Moby-Dick. (Link contains major spoilers.)

A Hungarian thrash metal band named after the book

<<   "Orson Whales," an animation by Alex Itin, drawn on every page of Moby-Dick

<<   Artist Paul Jackson's collage "The Chase," part of a series inspired by the book

<<   Ahab battles Moby Dick on a video-game-style T-shirt from Split Reason.

Author Stephen Kinzer: Moby-Dick is "an eerily prophetic allegory about 21st-century America."

Meryl Streep limps in the film Doubt because of Captain Ahab.

Assassinations foretold in Moby-Dick!

The latest tune in Patrick Shea's one-song-per-chapter project: "The Counterpane"

<<   A proposed Moby-Dick-as-noir-detective T-shirt, part of a design competition

Speaking of detectives, Moby-Dick solved a case for "The Mentalist."

<<   A portrait of Queequeg in scrimshaw by marine artist Robert Weiss

Composer Jake Heggie is writing an opera based on the book, to premiere at the Dallas Opera in 2010.

<<   Art student Elyssa Wecera's graphic novel treatment of the end of the book. (Link contains major spoilers, natch.)

German media group TMG is planning a two-part miniseries; competitor ProSieben already has a similar project in the works.

Harvard doc Laurie Rosenblatt examined the limits of human pity in Moby-Dick to help understand how a doctor can lose compassion for an incurable patient.

Counterterrorism expert James Lewis: "Bin Laden is like the great white whale."

A 1946 radio production by the Columbia Workshop. Here's part two. (Via boingboing.)

Versus CluClu Land blog says Grand Theft Auto is like Moby-Dick.

The London band Bears from Labrador takes its name from a passage in Chapter III.

<<   The title of William Cordova's severed-car installation "Moby Dick (Tracy)" reminds us of this New Yorker cartoon.

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