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Cultural Fallout: Feb 16 – Mar 19, 2009

<<   "Yes! Boats, water, and whales!": Composer Jake Heggie talks about his forthcoming Moby-Dick opera

Nathaniel Missildine asks: "Why Not Let the Crew of the Pequod Host Your Child's Next Birthday Party?"

<<   Writer Alan Moore wanted Watchmen to be "the Moby-Dick of comics."

<<   New Yorker mixologist Michael Cecconi's recipe for a Savoy Flip, in honor of Ishmael

<<   English artist Dollboy's new album, A Beard of Bees, features the sea-shanty "Oh Ahab!", a response to Moby-Dick.

<<   A 1967 Hanna-Barbera cartoon in which Moby Dick battles a sea monster. Here's an FAQ about the series.

Edward Zwick is slated to direct a film about the whaleship Essex, upon whose story Moby-Dick was partly based.

An anagram of the full text of Moby-Dick, created by Mike Keith

Novelist Zoë Heller: "I don't mean to liken myself to Herman Melville, but you know, Moby-Dick is a messy book."

<<   "Moby-Dick Syndrome" comic at Kontraband.com

<<   A 3D model of the book's final chase, built by Toronto-based designer Greg J. Smith.

<<   DVD of a 1978 one-man play starring the late Shakespearean actor Jack Aronson.

<<   Related handcrafts and songs selected by A Rambling Fancy blog

W. Francis McBeth's Of Sailors and Whales, a five-movement classical piece based on Moby-Dick

Garrison Keillor: "You go off to the woods for a year and it puts you under terrible pressure to write Moby-Dick"

<<   Artist Daniel Joseph Martinez's animatronic self-portrait Call Me Ishmael

<<   Moby Dick saves the day in a 1969 Kenner's Give-A-Show Projector adventure.

<<   San Francisco nautical Americana band Or, The Whale takes its name from the subtitle of Moby-Dick.

A British computer reads a paragraph of Moby-Dick

A new CD from UK grindcore band Moby Dick

<<   Spymonkey comedy troupe's "unreliable" version of Moby-Dick

<<   In a 1980 Facts of Life episode, marijuana messes up a Moby-Dick book report. (That's Helen Hunt on the right.)

<<   A stage adaptation by Seattle's BookIt Repertory Theatre

<<   The cover of the 1967 comic book Super-Boy and the Super-Moby Dick of Space!

Moby-Dick in 140 characters: Twitternovels, a meme created by Peter Sagal of NPR's Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!

<<   Happy 30th birthday to San Francisco's Moby Dick bar (Via SFGate.com)

<<   Moby Dick brand pet food, a product of the last whaling station in the U.S.

<<   Captain Ahab in a commercial for boat insurance

Wyn Kelley of MIT: "Obama is less like Melville's human characters and more like the whales"

Patrick Shea's one-song-per-chapter project featured in The New York Times

<<   The story of Moby Dick told in fifteen haikus

<<   A proposed card for Magic: The Gathering

<<   Jackson Pollock's circa-1943 painting Blue (Moby Dick)

Jay Bushman's wallet

Karl Rove: "John Conyers is sort of like Captain Ahab, and I'm the whale."

<<   Handmade felt toys by Claire Adas

<<   Andrew Wyeth's painting Snow Hill refers to Moby-Dick.

<<   Staten Island surf-rock band Captain Ahab and the Sea Crackens

Annie Dillard: "It is no less difficult to write sentences in a recipe than sentences in Moby-Dick. So you might as well write Moby-Dick." (Via.)

<<   Concrete Temple Theatre's play The Whale, a one-man Moby-Dick

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