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Recent Cultural Fallout (Taxonomy in Process)

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Music   (back to top)

<<   A rap about Moby-Dick by Rosianna Halse

Gillian Strange's rock instrumental "1 Way Out of Moby Dick"

<<   "Hey Ahab," a song by Elton John and Leon Russell

Composer John Holland's piano piece, The Moby Dick in All of Us

Composer Daniel Asia's nonet inspired by Moby-Dick

<<   San Francisco disco label Moby Dick Records

<<   Cleveland band The Lighthouse and the Whaler gets its name from Chapter XIII.

<<   YouTube Justin Bieber parody tells the story of Moby-Dick (Link makes noise)

<<   Handsome Family song mentions Moby-Dick (Link makes noise)

<<   Composer Jon Sorensen's soundtrack The Killing of Moby Dick

<<   California lit-prof rock band Glass Wave's new track "Moby Dick"

<<   Moby-Dick opera by composer Jake Heggie

<<   Folk singer Mark Graham's bluegrass song

Stream music from blogger Robert of the Radish's list of songs inspired by Moby-Dick

<<   Greta Gertler's Moby-Dick-inspired pop CD The Universal Thump

<<   The 1967 Italian pop song "Come Moby Dick" by Ricky Shayne

Peruvian fuzz band Los Comandos covers Led Zep's "Moby Dick"

Delaware judge Robert Young's Moby-Dick musical revue

Concertato for Orchestra Moby Dick by Peter Mennin

<<   Bernard Herrmann's Moby Dick cantata

<<   Moby Dick, the 1997 masterpiece CD by the Swedish pop group The Bear Quartet. Lyrics here

Fiction   (back to top)

<<   The Snow Whale, novelist John Minichillo's postmodern satire based on Moby-Dick

<<   Newbery Medal winning novel Moon Over Manifest inspired by a line in Moby-Dick

<<   The Passages of H.M., a novel by Jay Parini

Nazir Mansuri's short story "The Whale"

<<   Literary critic Frank Lentricchia's novel Lucchesi and the Whale

<<   Novelist Alison Baird's White as the Waves tells the story from the whale's point of view

<<   Romance author Louise Gouge's trilogy about Ahab's wife and son. (Link contains spoilers.)

<<   Serialized web novel Fate's Janitors features a "renowned psychologist" based on Captain Ahab

<<   "Sleeping with John Updike" by Julian Barnes mentions Moby-Dick

Paul West's short story "Captain Ahab, A Novel by the White Whale" tells the whale's side of the story

Anne Finger's short story "Moby Dick, Or, The Leg," told from Ahab's perspective

Woody Allen's "The Whore of Mensa": "Fifty, maybe a hundred" dollars to discuss Moby-Dick

<<   The title character maps Moby-Dick in The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet

<<   Moby Rich, novelist Nicole Galland's "modern riff on Moby-Dick," was serialized in the (Martha's) Vineyard Gazette.

Jon Langford of The Mekons wrote a short story from the whale's point of view. (Via L.A. Times.)

<<   Andrew Crumey's 2005 novel Mobius Dick, "perhaps the only novel about quantum mechanics you could imagine reading while lying on a beach"

Sculpture   (back to top)

<<   A Lego mural at the Sydney Aquarium

<<   John Demeroy's winning public artwork in Iowa City, Iowa

<<   Tim Hawkinson's sculpture, called Möbius Ship after Moby-Dick

Sculptor Loris Gréaud's hollow 55-foot sculpture, carved according to the description of Moby Dick

<<   Carl Marin's disturbing Pequod with taxidermy sculpture

<<   A bas relief sculpture by George Shean

<<   A bronze sculpture by Tom Otterness

<<   A sculpture by Julian Schnabel

<<   A brass casting of a whittled sculpture

<<   Keith Lo Bue's found-object sculpture

<<   Sculptor Abraham Mohler's sculpture of Melville as Elijah

<<   Atist David Cumming's 3D plastic-toy Moby-Dick tableau

<<   Engraveable Baccarat crystal Moby Dick in pink or blue

<<   A literary snow sculpture

<<   Sculptor Matthew Cherubini's White Whale Fillet

<<   California visionary artist Kyle Siler is building a cement sperm whale named Queequeg.

<<   Artist Tristin Lowe's life-sized felt "Mocha Dick." For our chat with Lowe, see Moby Monday.

<<   A feltidermy of Moby Dick by Etsy.com artist girlsavage

Comics   (back to top)

<<   Jeff Smith's Bone comics 20th edition box set to include original drawing of Fone Bone reading Moby-Dick

<<   Fully readable Classics Illustrated online comic book

<<   David Borchart's New Yorker cartoon

<<   DC Comics's Unwritten #19 comic book

<<   Danny Shanahan's New Yorker cartoon

<<   Campfire's new graphic novel

<<   A New Yorker cartoon by J.C. Duffy

<<   Zach Weiner's Ahab-gets-wrong-answer comic

<<   Maps from Classic Comics #5, early 1940s

<<   Non Sequitur Moby Duck comic

<<   Rat filibusters Pearls Before Swine comic

<<   The 1955 Aquaman comic "The Court-Martial of Moby Dick II"

<<   Penny Arcade comic's new Moby-Dick cover: "the literary classic that inspired the epic video game"

<<   Like Obscure Vain Efforts comic strip

<<   A three-panel comic at "A Most Curious Blog" that (spoiler!) gives away the ending of Moby-Dick

<<   Blogger Bike Snob NYC's ribald entry in the New Yorker comic-caption contest

<<   Obama as Ahab in a political cartoon (Warning: link contains spoiler.)

A comic about Busta Rhymes "disrupting" Moby-Dick

<<   The Samuel Enderby's captain puts things in perspective for Ahab in this comic by Zach Weiner.

<<   Dose Comics's gender-bending "Hollywood Garbage" version. (Starts on page 4 of link; includes spoilers and adult situations.)

<<   Illustrator Ashley Cope's comic confrontation between Moby-Dick and Ahab

<<   New Yorker cartoonist Farley Katz envisions the end of Ahab's search.

<<   Imogen Catherine Bradbury's comic page about Moby Dick's untold tale of love and loss

<<   Corby Ortman's comic strip about Ahab and Moby Dick's forbidden love. (Link contains major spoilers.)

<<   Bizarro comic's Moby Dick Tracy

Fashion   (back to top)

<<   A pair of upcycled wool legwarmers

<<   A cable sweater knitting pattern named for Chapter 92

<<   A knit hat with ear flaps

<<   Ladies' tights by Tights for Sore Eyes

<<   Morrigan NYC's Moby-Dick print skirts and dresses

<<   German designer Miriam Schaaf's clothing collection inspired by Moby-Dick

<<   Designer Veronica Martinis imagines a Moby Dick shoe

<<   Philip Sparks's fall-winter 2010 menswear collection was inspired by Moby-Dick.

<<   Moby Dick board shorts from Lost

<<   Teenage handcrafter WhatsEatinYou's crocheted Moby Dick hat complete with harpoons

Mashups   (back to top)

<<   A painting of King Kong fighting Moby Dick by Michael X Rose, "Painter of Doom, Horror, Chaos, and Doubt"

<<   Apocalypse Moby, a "literary gene-splice" with Apocalypse Now

<<   A poetry generator that combines Moby-Dick with Emily Dickinson

<<   A Moby Dick/Cthulhu mashup came in second in a T-shirt design contest

<<   A Moby-Dick/Tom Sawyer mashup T-shirt contest entry

<<   Illustrator Doug Williams's "Little Red Riding Hood" mashup, Moby Wolf

<<   Kirsten Alberti's tattoo mashup of Hester Prynne's scarlet letter and Ahab's harpoon

T-Shirts   (back to top)

<<   "Moby Dick University" T-shirts at Vancouver Island University

<<   A lettered T-shirt

<<   A "Moby D--k" T shirt

<<   A T-shirt that quotes Chapter 58

<<   A paper T-shirtby Kristin Walko

<<   A T-shirt with drums on it

<<   Matt Butcher's Team Moby T-shirts

<<   Miles To Go T-shirt

<<   A T-shirt design by Lora Zombie

<<   Blogger Erica Nicksin deems this "the most horrible" T-shirt ever.

<<   Illustrator Rockwell Kent's 1930 edition cover on a T-shirt

<<   A T-shirt by Urban Outfitters

<<   Kafkacotton's Moby Dick T-shirt

<<   Moby Dick is the catcher in Novel-T's first literary fantasy baseball team. Online commercial here.

<<   "Moby Chick" T-shirt, one of four slogan designs in our online store. (Other designs say "Know Dick," "Free Moby," and "Power User.")

<<   LRG clothing's new Moby Dick of Dopeness Tee, a reference to the 1996 Redman rap "Rock Da Spot" (Lyrics here.)

Posters and Prints   (back to top)

<<   Artist Jon Foster's giclée print of Ahab

<<   Artist Ken Taylor's Moby Dick poster

<<   Duo Bongoût's large-scale prints named for chapters of Moby-Dick

<<   A dramatic art print by Rachael Shankman

<<   Postertext's poster created using the first 26 chapters of the novel

<<   A psychedelic Cuban Poster for the 1956 film

<<   Illustrator Tim Denèe's poster for his girlfriend's book club

<<   A poster by Illustrator Mat Hudson, a/k/a Orphan Elliott

<<   Mark Weaver's giclée poster

<<   Artist Bill O'Neill's Moby Dick print

<<   Artist Tom Neely's limited-edition Moby-Dick print (Full-size image contains major spoilers.)

<<   Tom Neely's silkscreen prints in three colors

Animations   (back to top)

<<   A Lego animation of the ending of Moby-Dick

<<   A white cat animation by Lorazombie

Plays   (back to top)

David Myers's 10-minute play Moby-Dick

A stage adaptation of Moby-Dick featuring puppets and masks

World premiere of Steve Burch's new stage adaptation

<<   Karen Hartman's play Wild Kate, is based on Moby-Dick

<<   Comic "loose adaptation" play Moby Dick, Unread

<<   Julian Rad's stage adaptation

A stage adaptation by Bruce Cromer

<<   A father-and-son stage version of Moby-Dick

And God Created Great Whales, a Rinde Eckert play about a man composing a Moby Dick opera while losing his memory

<<   Moby Dick, Rehearsed, a four-person play by Orson Welles

Namesakes   (back to top)

<<   The #1 party rock cover and tribute band in the Southeast US

<<   A four-year-long endurance race with a Moby-Dick theme

<<   Edo Competition's Porsche Panamera Turbo Moby Dick sportscar

<<   A Korean thriller movie called Moby Dick

<<   A boutique in Stockholm named for Moby Dick

<<   A fish bar in Birmingham, UK

<<   A houseboat in Falmouth, MA

<<   A campground in Spain (Link makes noise)

<<   A charter yacht named for Moby Dick

An effort to rethink journalism called "Project Moby Dick"

<<   A squadron of bombers named after Moby Dick

Giant predatory prehistoric whale named for Herman Melville

Awards for best book trailers named for Moby-Dick.

<<   A variety of marijuana

White BlackBerry Bold dubbed "Moby Dick"

<<   White Cadillac spotted in Northern Virginia

An albino red-shouldered hawk in Nova Scotia nicknamed "Moby Dick"

A 1949 U.S. spy-balloon operation called Project Moby Dick

Washington State's Moby Dick Oyster Farm wins the right to whack weeds with weed whackers

<<   The base of El Capitan, a 3,000-foot granite monolith in Yosemite National Park, is called Moby Dick. (Photo via Guillaume Dargaud.)

Book Jackets   (back to top)

<<   A book cover by Luke Pearson

<<   A book cover by illustrator Matt Roeser

<<   Ji Soo Lee's cover design

<<   Robyn Ng's cover design

<<   Blogger Newyorkette's hand-drawn cover

<<   Kraft paper book cover by Book City Jackets

<<   Designer Icoeye's Moby-Dick book cover with spout bookmark

<<   Illustrator Becca Thorne's wraparound book cover for Moby-Dick

<<   The cover of Penguin's new deluxe edition by cartoonist Tony Millionaire

Illustrations   (back to top)

<<   A six-cent envelope from 1970

<<   Designer Jordan Coverdale's pane of Moby-Dick stamps

<<   Brian Mead's illustration

<<   Illustrator Laura Terry's Moby-Dick series

<<   N.C. Mallory's illustration, Ishmael in the Waves

<<   Artist Matt Kish just finished drawing one illustration per page of Moby-Dick. For our chat with Kish, see Moby Monday.

<<   Artist Fran Miguel Lara's illustration

<<   Illustrator Hannah Olwer's Moby-Dick in a single image

<<   A papercutting by Elise of Bottled Air

<<   An illustration by C. M. Butzer

<<   A pen-and-ink drawing by Kristopher Pollard

<<   Antonio Bonanno's illustrations

<<   Stephen Crowe's Finnegan's Wake illustration

<<   Mead Schaeffer's giclée print of Flask and Stubb

<<   The Grand Armada on Pullyap (WA) public library sidewalk

<<   One obsessed five-year-old's drawing of Ahab and Moby Dick

<<   Illustrator Ray Lederer's Moby-Dick works in progress

<<   Artist Rick Pearson's pen-and-ink drawing

<<   Artist Andy Carter's digital illustration

<<   Illustrator Chantrelle Pryor's sketches of Ahab's half-Tlingit daughter

<<   Richard Brouwer's "Mrs. Starbuck" drawings

<<   Illustrator Elizabeth Kresin's scary/funny Moby Dick refers to this funny/NSFW SNL video

Humor   (back to top)

Laurence Hughes's humor piece "Ahab at Starbucks"

The Onion: "Cover Author Working on Word-for-Word Remake of Moby-Dick"

<<   Jack Pendarvis: "If Sammy Davis Jr. Had Written Moby-Dick"

Novelist Rhiannon Paine imagines Melville pitching his agent via Twitter

<<   A goofy video book review by Ron Charles of the Washington Post

<<   Moby Dick and Captain Arnold routine by Jonathan Winters

<<   James Franco's dissertation topic in Esquire fanfic

McSweeney's: Ishmael's standup comedy routine

College metaphors based on Moby-Dick

A riddle from Boys' Life magazine

Whim Quarterly's "re-imaginings of classic novels inspired by typos": Moby, Dick

<<   SkyMaul parody catalog features a hamster coffin

iPhone Auto Correct Literature: "Call me Oshkosh."

<<   British humor podcast Simulacrum interviews Moby Dick

Advice Ninja: "How to Kill Moby Dick"

McSweeney's: Moby Dick explains his new piercing to his wife (link contains major spoilers)

<<   Blogger tpalumbi jokingly scripts the trailer for Moby-Dick: Ahab's Revenge, starring Shia LaBeouf as Ishmael and Jason Statham (left) as as an Ahab with four steam-powered legs.

<<   Imaginary Game News Network: "Moby-Dick Comes to Wii"

<<   Onion Radio News: "Ahab decides to 'let it go.'" (Link makes noise.)

<<   Cartoonist Stephanie Piro's humor piece Moby-Dick II, My Side. (Link contains major spoilers.)

Bars and Restaurants   (back to top)

<<   A bar in Roquetas de Mar, Spain

<<   Kentucky photographer Sarah Lyon's ongoing series on closed Moby Dick restaurants

Moby Dick Restaurant reopens in Colquitt, Georgia, 32 years after it first opened there ... and with some of the same waitresses.

Jewelry   (back to top)

<<   Etsy artist ismay's whale brooch made with pages from Moby-Dick

<<   Verdigris necklace by BrashLadyInc

<<   An adjustable Moby Dick necklace by Leviticus Jewelry (via Fox to the Opera).

Home Decor   (back to top)

<<   A liquor flask case made from a hollowed-out Moby-Dick

<<   An iPhone charging dock made from a copy of Moby-Dick

<<   A wall mural of the full text of Moby-Dick

<<   A glass-reinforced polyester lounge chair by Alberto Rosselli

<<   A porcelain ewer by Bruce Dehnert

<<   A chaise longue of Carrera marble

<<   A 20-inch-tall beer stein

<<   A Moby Dick growth chart

<<   Painted wooden business card holder

<<   A Krone limited edition fountain pen

<<   An embroidered Moby-Dick minaudière by designer Olympia Le-Tan

<<   Instructions for knitting a Moby Dick holder for iPod cables

Food and Drink   (back to top)

<<   A Moebius Dick cake in Sudbury, Ontario

<<   A copper ale named for Ishmael

<<   Sugar sculptures from a Food Network "sugar adventure" challenge

<<   Dutch brewer Ramses's wheat beer

<<   A white and chocolate cake

<<   Bluegrass Brewing Company makes a "white" porter called "Melby Dick."

<<   Sisters Ashley and Vikki Jones's prizewinning Moby-Dick cake

Recipe for The Moby Dick, a cocktail using Aquavit, Sambuca, and anchovy

<<   A savory tea sandwich Moby Dick with cream-cheese frosting

Poetry   (back to top)

Jim Culleny's poem "Whatever Floats Your Pequod"

<<   Anthony Caleshu's new book of poems, Of Whales: In Print, In Paint, In Sea, In Stars, In Coin, In House, In Margins

<<   Felicia Zamora's poetry chapbook Moby Dick Made Me Do It

"Ahab's Song (After Moby-Dick)," a poem by Mara Jebsen

Poem by blogger Quinn G.: "Moby Dick on a Mattress"

Auburn prof Kelly Dean Jolley's poem "Alabama Pits" likens pit bulls to Queequeg

"Moby Dick, part deux," a poem of heartbreak by Diane O'Leary

Art Installations   (back to top)

<<   Ian Swanson's installation of abstract art inspired by Moby Dick

<<   Artist Jeremy Wood traced a Moby-Dick quote as he walked across London

Artist Daniel Bozhkov's Republik of Perpetual Reconstitution and Rebuild in Queens NY featured hundreds of copies of a Moby-Dick kids' activity book

<<   Artist Angela Cockayne and author Philip Hoare's collaborative 2009 installation, Dominion

Paintings   (back to top)

<<   Maine painter David Larson's Moby-Dick series

<<   Disney animator Marc Davis's cubist paintings

<<   Artist Rick Pearson's painting of a breaching Moby Dick

<<   "Call Me Ishmael," an art exhibition on the theme of Moby-Dick

<<   Artist ZuluSplitter's oil painting of Moby Dick with modern oil tanker

<<   Judy Millar's gestural paintings inspired by Moby-Dick

Guardian: "Why has Frank Stella devoted 15 years of his life to Moby-Dick?"

<<   A painted billboard for the Bildad & Peleg spermaceti oil company

<<   Artist *toerning's painting of Moby Dick as a white bull

<<   Artist Geoffrey Miller's painting

<<   New Hope PA art exhibit "Moby Dick on the Delaware"

<<   John Sebastian Culqui's acrylic artwork based on the Tom and Jerry cartoon "Dicky Moe" (Second link makes noise)

<<   Catherine Chi's oil painting on cradled wood

<<   Painter Bob Eggleton's sea monster

<<   A mural at Bronx's P.S. 69 library

<<   Plein air painter Christopher Martin Hoff's urban landscapes inspired by Moby-Dick

<<   Artist John Donnelly's Moby-Dick works

<<   Artist John Drinkard's expressionist painting

<<   Tim Vermeulen's Moby-Dick paintings

<<   Minneapolis artist Erik B. Krenz's Moby Dick acrylic

Artist Joao Pedro Valle's Moby-Dick-inspired paintings

<<   Moby Dick Ensemble by classical realist painter Rachel Bridges

<<   Painter Tony de los Reyes's Moby-Dick-inspired paintings

<<   Artist Tony De Los Reyes's fourth exhibition of works based on Moby-Dick

<<   Artistic reactions to Moby-Dick in the 2009 exhibit "Chasing the Whale in Northern Kentucky."

History   (back to top)

<<   Watch Ric Burns's PBS documentary Into the Deep: America, Whaling, & The World (Warning: film spoils ending of Moby-Dick.)

<<   An actor playing Melville tells how he wrote Moby-Dick

<<   The sperm whale skeleton mentioned in Chapter 102 is back on display at England's Burton Constable Hall

The History Channel's MonsterQuest hunts for "The Real Moby Dick"

Film Adaptations   (back to top)

<<   Danny Glover is filming a retelling called Dragon Fire featuring a dragon instead of a whale.

<<   Christoph Bülter's movie trailer for a non-existent animated Death to Moby Dick

<<   Watch 2010: Moby Dick trailer.

<<   How they did special effects in the 1956 John Huston version

<<   Wanted director Timor Bekmambetov says his Pequod crew will be able to fly and bend bullets. Bekmambetov: My movie will be "all about Moby Dick as Frankenstein; it's a supernatural creature"

A Moby-Dick miniseries by "Sea Wolf" director to film in Nova Scotia. The film stars William Hurt as Ahab and Ethan Hawke as Starbuck.

<<   Evan Schmidt and Ben Phillips's biopic of Moby Dick for Mr. Terreri's class

Cartoons   (back to top)

<<   A 1973 Goober & the Ghost Chasers cartoon in which the Partridge kids meet the ghost of Moby Dick

Musicals   (back to top)

John Zibell's production, The Moby-Dick Variations

Costumes and Displays   (back to top)

<<   Clarence the cat as Moby Dick in the New Yorker's "Critterati" photo contest

A Providence, RI, Jack-o'-Lantern Spectacular featured Moby-Dick themed pumpkins

<<   "Moby O'Dick" won a ribbon in Springfield, Missouri's St. Patrick's Day parade. (Image via News-Leader.com.)

Translations   (back to top)

<<   The full text of Moby-Dick in 2D barcodes

<<   Fred Benenson is translating Moby-Dick into Japanese emoji characters

CDs that play Moby-Dick in Morse Code

Essays   (back to top)

Blogging book club Infinite Zombies read Moby-Dick.

<<   Harper's magazine: "Melville—What the Whale Teaches Us"

Greil Marcus on Moby-Dick as the ultimate American novel

Blogger Matthew Iglesias: "You can't understand America without reading Moby-Dick." Back-and-forth with Kevin Drum here, here, and here.

WaPo's Richard Cohen names an imaginary terrorist "Ishmael"; Wonkette tweaks him for the inapt allusion.

James Carroll op-ed: Robert MacNamara was Ahab, and American militarism is the white whale

Radio   (back to top)

Orson Welles's 1946 "Mercury Summer Theater" radio version of Moby-Dick

Editions   (back to top)

<<   Bill Pettit's collection of Moby-Dick editions

<<   A 3D French book illustrated by Joëlle Jolivet

<<   Parasitic Ventures Press's Four Percent of Moby-Dick abridgement

<<   A 1925 edition featuring stills from John Barrymore's 1926 The Sea Beast

<<   The full text of Moby-Dick on two posters

<<   Dark Ahab, a fabric artist book by Lois Morrison

<<   A. Bill Miller's grid font Moby-Dick

<<   Damion Searls responds to Orion's slashed Moby-Dick In Half the Time by publishing the redacted other half as ; or, the Whale.

Celebrity Readers   (back to top)

Ex-Met Keith Hernandez plans to spend the off-season reading Moby-Dick aloud with his wife.

Reporter to Pierce Brosnan: "Should we ban Moby-Dick?

Joyce Carol Oates: "You would probably rather write Moby-Dick than a little household mystery with cat detectives."

Nonfiction   (back to top)

<<   Bob Wagner's economic treatise Moby-Dick and the Mythology of Oil

<<   Donovan Hohn's nonfiction book Moby-Duck

<<   Author David Dowling's book Chasing the White Whale: The Moby-Dick Marathon; or, What Melville Means Today

<<   Scott Raab's LeBron James Esquire profile starts "Call me Ahab."

<<   UK writer Philip Hoare's book Leviathan now published in US as The Whale: In Search of the Giants of the Sea

News Items   (back to top)

Book reviewer Bruce Handy: "Bob Dylan was the white whale of 20th-century popular song"

How World Cup 2010 is like Moby Dick

Barack Obama quoted Moby Dick at Sen. Robert Byrd's funeral.

Randy Kennedy of the New York Times likens the Pequod to Deepwater Horizon. (Second page is here.)

Al Jazeera: Is BP another Captain Ahab?

Tattoos   (back to top)

<<   A tattoo of Queequeg's mark

<<   A Moby Dick tattoo

<<   A foot tattoo by and upon Zeld Poestenkill

Advertisements   (back to top)

<<   A public service ad for the Read Foundation

<<   A Colombian ad for highlighters based on Moby-Dick

<<   A commercial for the BlackBerry Torch

Photography   (back to top)

<<   Lucky LaRue's photograph, "Captured by Moby Dick"

<<   A photograph by Tom Prado

Blogs   (back to top)

Iron-bound Bucket, a Tumblr about Moby-Dick

Toys and Games   (back to top)

<<   A toy pirate ship named Moby Dick

<<   Not Doppler's video game

<<   A 1983 video game for Commodore 64

<<   A 1967 coloring book

Puppet Shows   (back to top)

<<   And the Whale Said puppet show

<<   Blair Thomas and Michael Smith's "chamber puppet cantata"

Rochester NY songwriter Michael Smith has been commissioned to write a Moby-Dick puppet musical for three-year-olds

<<   Machine Project puppet show

Miscellaneous   (back to top)

A cumulative timer iPhone app inspired by an attempt to read Moby-Dick

<<   A bookmark collection for Felix Jud bookshops in Germany

<<   Falmouth, Mass., library presents Moby-Dick films, lectures, and marathon during What's Falmouth Reading? 2010.

Literary blog Infinite Zombies' word search engine graphs the occurrence of any word in Moby-Dick.

<<   A designer's tool for filling layouts with Moby-Dick

Uncategorized   (back to top)

<<   Artist Oleg Medvedev's book cover for Moby Dick Versus the Yeti

<<   A "promenade performance" of Moby-Dick by Darkstuff Productions

<<   Artist Koski-chan's flying biomechanical Moby Dick

Author L. L. Sampson's "Enchanted Attic" adventure Saving Moby Dick

<<   Artist Matt Pringle's limited edition Moby Dick poster

<<   Redmoon Theater's 1990 lakeside Moby-Dick

<<   Artist PsicheGG's computer model of Captain Ahab

<<   Pulp magazine Saga cover story, "The Real Moby Dick"

<<   Jane Freeman's scale model of Melville's library

<<   Andrew Herwig's design for imaginary Captain Ahab Lager (Brewers: please create)

<<   David Wilson's poplar carving of Moby Dick and Ahab (contains spoiler of 1956 film)

<<   Moby Dick Guest House, Samui, Thailand

<<   iGam, a new subreddit for Melville and Moby-Dick fans

<<   Noel Black's online poetry chapbook, Moby K. Dick

<<   Arcade Sunshine Media's iPad-based interactive study guide, Moby-Dick: A Digital Odyssey

<<   Cleveland indie rock band The Lighthouse and the Whaler was inspired by Moby-Dick

<<   A handbag made from a copy of Moby Dick

<<   Thomas Paul's bath mat depicting Moby Dick

<<   A variety of milkweed named for Moby Dick

<<   Philip Hoare and Angela Cockayne's art book Dominion: A Whale Symposium

Philip José Farmer's 1971 Moby-Dick sequel The Wind Whales of Ishmael

<<   A Porsche 935/78 Moby Dick made of Lego

<<   An edition of Moby-Dick hand-typed on toilet paper

<<   Renée Liu's Moby Dick plushy with squid scars

<<   Comedy video of homophobic agent Jack Flashington rejecting Moby-Dick (Link contains major spoilers)

<<   Tim Donald's carved wooden automaton depicting the end of Moby-Dick (Link makes noise)

<<   A model for a proposed giant puppet of Moby-Dick

<<   Character: Moby-Dick is "the perfect metaphor" for Friday Night Lights town.

<<   P.J. Hogan to direct Bone comics film; one character is obsessed with Moby-Dick.

<<   A series of commercials for the Audi Quattro references Moby-Dick

Jane Urquhart's Sanctuary Line contains a lighthouse keeper distracted by Moby-Dick

<<   Andrew Seguin's celestial cyanotypes based on Moby-Dick

<<   Ink and watercolor Moby-Dick character portraits by Etsy artist Livie Lightyear

<<   Poet Sherry Robbins's or, the Whale, a feminist reimagining of Moby-Dick

<<   Railsea, a young adult sci-fi novel by China Miéville based on Moby-Dick

<<   Ahab's Dream, a watercolor painting by Richard Gabriele

<<   Leonard Baskin's Ahab art print

<<   A scrimshaw watchface bearing a scene from Moby-Dick

<<   A typographical animation of Moby-Dick by Batista Raphael

<<   A painting of Ahab and Moby Dick by Tyler Jacobson

<<   A calendar illustration by Thies Schwarz

<<   A Toyota van in Oregon painted with Moby Dick and whaling implements

<<   Vintage fabric that features Moby Dick, the Pequod, and the Spouter Inn

<<   The Holy Moby Dick Research Foundation, dedicated to "showing the book's divine origins to unbelievers"

<<   Moby Dick 2, an arcade action video game

<<   A knitting pattern for a hat inspired by Chapter 130

<<   Moby Dick Diving Center in Rab, Croatia

<<   A seafood restaurant in Saipan, North Mariana Islands

<<   Moby-Nick, a Moby-Dick themed take on Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol

<<   Jennie Ottinger's painting Ahab and His Harpoon

<<   "Attainable Felicity," Julia Glass's short story set at a Moby-Dick marathon

<<   A sushi restaurant named after Moby Dick in Wheaton, MD

<<   Gideon Defoe's book Pirates! In an Adventure with Moby Dick

<<   A bar named after Moby Dick overlooking Greeland Dock, London

<<   Recipe for Pequod Sour, a cocktail using whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, and mint

<<   Jon Methven's model of alternate Moby-Dick ending

<<   Moby Dick's Souvenir Shop, a restaurant in Port Aransas, TX

<<   A panel comic by Dave Pockett

<<   Revelers in Moby Dick costumes at a Granta/Housing Works party

<<   A Moby Dick hoodie by Miles to Go Clothing

<<   Melville, Haunted, a play-within-a-tour of the house where Moby-Dick was written

<<   Designer Jeff Staple's Moby Dick T-shirt

<<   A Moby Dick bow tie

<<   Americana band The Felice Brothers' song "Ahab"

<<   Slideshow of covers from Bill Pettit's Moby-Dick book collection

<<   Lynne Ramsay to direct sci-fi film of Moby-Dick in space

<<   Spike Jonze and Olympia Le Tan's stop-action short with Moby Dick cameo

<<   Blogger Derek Woods's Moby-Dick tattoo sleeve

Recipe for the Moby Dick, a cocktail using rum, Galliano, and Triple Sec

The Building Stage's audience-onstage version of Moby-Dick

<<   Ohio artist Matt Kish's book Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page

<<   Brooklyn musician Patrick Shea's five-volume one-song-per-chapter Moby-Dick album

<<   In the Heart of the Sea author Nathaniel Philbrick's book, Why Read Moby-Dick?

<<   In the film Warrior, Nick Nolte's character is obsessed with Moby-Dick.

<<   Painter Leroy Neiman's Moby Dick Assaulting the Pequod

<<   Hailey Leithauser's poem, "Pip, Mid-Sea"

Moby-Dick in the "chopsticks" writing style, a la "Dick and Jane"

<<   1929 Brough Superior SS100 motorcycle, known as "Moby Dick"

<<   A New Yorker cartoon by Mick Stevens

<<   Film projections for Polaris: Voyage for Orchestra based on Rockwell Kent's Moby-Dick illustrations

<<   Illustration of a "bro hug" from Queequeg by Livie Lightyear

<<   Michele Carlet's works on paper inspired by Moby-Dick

<<   A tripartite exhibit on Melville's friendship with Hawthorne

<<   A Moby-Dick Facebook game by designer David Fox

<<   A one-of-a-kind applique armchair made by NASCAR driver Shawna Robinson

<<   A minimalist book cover for Moby-Dick

<<   Artist Monroe Hodder's abstract oil painting

<<   A Gucci coin purse

<<   An art poster by ClassicPix.com

In development: a film of Ray Bradbury's Leviathan, a.k.a. Moby-Dick in space

<<   Futurama's "Möbius Dick" episode

<<   Andrea Dentoni's kitchen counter

<<   Artist Peter Jodaitis's works on paper

<<   Aravena Eduardo's painting

<<   A Korean stage musical of Moby-Dick

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