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Cultural Fallout: Mar 19 – Jun 15, 2009

<<   NPR's Nell Greenfieldboyce: "Do you ever feel like Captain Ahab?" Narwhal researcher Kristin Laidre: "I feel worse."

<<   The 1930 combo of Moby-Dick and illustrator Rockwell Kent "clearly a Reese's peanut butter cup moment" per design blogger Larry Weinberg

<<   On Strangers with Candy, Mr. Noblet (Stephen Colbert) makes an illiterate Jerri (Amy Sedaris) try to read the first chapter of Moby-Dick. (Watch the whole episode here.)

<<   The 1956 film version named "Great Acid Movie #29" by blogger Erich Kuersten. (Link contains major spoilers.)

<<   A Moby Dick carnival ride at the "wicked cool" 2009 Montana State Fair

Johnson County (KS) library is taking signups for an online group reading of Moby-Dick to begin Jan 3, 2010

<<   Blogger "She Who Seeks" tells the story of Moby-Dick in LOLCat form

Moby Dick won "best performance by an animal" in this Guardian (UK) literary poll.

Ishmael's Twitter feed: "Holy &?@%!!! Somebody's in my &%$ ROOM!!!!"

Ice Age 3 features "a Moby Dick love story"

Paul Farhi of Washington Post: TMZ.com's Michael Jackson death scoop was "the celebrity equivalent of Moby Dick."

<<   Jack Murnighan's new book Beowulf on the Beach: What to Love and What to Skip in Literature's 50 Greatest Hits calls Moby-Dick "one of the funniest books of all time." Read the whole Moby-Dick chapter free.

Movie trailer: The Pequod vs. Das Boot

<<   Blogger Paxton Holley envisions Moby Dick with death-laser eye

<<   Johnson County (KS) Library courier truck decorated as Captain Ahab's Fine Seafood vehicle

Hudson Valley (NY) Film Commission casts benefit guests in a film remake of Moby-Dick

<<   Theater Waidspeicher of Erfurt, Germany, premiered a puppet version of Moby-Dick. (Link in German.)

<<   New Bedford fifth-graders write Moby-Dick from the whale's point-of-view. Backstory on Moby Monday.

<<   Moby Dick's Guide to Dating at Sea part of the insta-book Book: The Sequel

<<   Gare St. Lazare's one-man adaptation performed by Conor Lovett

<<   A beer commercial once voted "the best ad of all time" took inspiration from Moby-Dick

<<   Art student Josh Hodges's concept art for an animated version with mice as whalers. (Despite warning, link includes no adult situations.)

Dan Coulter's Moby-Dick full-text Twitter feed ended on May 13, nine-and-a-half months and 12,849 tweets after it began. Backstory on Moby Monday.

Vote for professor Kim Paffenroth's next project to be Moby-Dick with zombies! (Update: We won!

<<   Paris artist Pierre Alary is working on a graphic novel treatment of Moby-Dick

<<   Dutch band Moby Dick's first video, "Gambling Man"

Jack Murnighan on NPR.org: "Moby-Dick is one of the funniest books of all time"

Tom Curran on NBC Sports: "Captain Ahab had his white whale ... Brett Favre's got his white-haired personnel boss"

<<   Frank Stella's monumental Moby-Dick prints

<<   Firedoglake: "Wannabe teabagger-in-chief Newt Gingrich in hot water over $4 million" in payments to Moby Dick Airways.

A Twitter study guide to Moby-Dick

<<   A German riverboat named Moby Dick, back in service after a collision with an oil tanker

BYTE magazine, July 1989: What if Moby-Dick had been published the way software is?

Medford (OR) Mall Tribune: "Man vs. Pig Like Ahab vs. Moby Dick"

<<   Artist Gavin Bunner's boxing-match performance, "The Berenstain Bares vs. Moby Dick's Ass Wind"

<<   The Porsche 935/78 "Moby Dick" race car

<<   A rubber stamp of Moby Dick and Ahab by the artisan Hein, based on a logo design by bee_eye.

Novelist Daniel Pinkwater: "If I could choose any story to live in, it would be Moby-Dick." (Link contains major spoilers.)

Locus Online's mashup suggestion: Moby Dick vs. Cthulhu

Steven Spielberg wanted to show Gregory Peck as Ahab in Jaws, but Peck said no.

At Imagine Casting, you can cast your own Moby-Dick movie.

<<   The Robot-A-Day website's handmade Moby Dick and Ahab robot pouches

<<   Minnesota storyteller Loren Niemi's Moby Dick Tonight, a nontraditional retelling

Fanfic about a Korean boy-band: "Big Bang Reads Moby-Dick"

U.S. diplomat: Iraq's hydrocarbon law is a law about oil "the way Moby-Dick is a story about a whale"

The State Opera of South Australia becomes a producer for Jake Heggie's 2010 Moby-Dick opera

<<   A 1964 episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea called "The Ghost of Moby Dick"

TPM DC: If AIG were Moby Dick, Eliot Spitzer would be Ahab.

Tampa columnist Bob Driver: "Our First Amendment withstood Joe McCarthy; surely it will survive this latter-day Moby Dick."

A+E Interactive: The Decemberists sound "like Melville's Moby-Dick read over Led Zep's 'Moby Dick'"

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